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Today’s most valued commodity, and one of the most prized assets of any business, is not traded on any mercantile exchange. At least not like other precious commodities. Yet many of the most valuable companies in the world have successfully leveraged this commodity to build and expand their businesses. This commodity, the most valuable asset of just about every business, is data. […]

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July 2019/ Syncing AWS AppSync

AWS AppSync is a serverless GraphQL implementation released in July 2018. For those not familiar with GraphQL, it is an architecture that allows for seamless and flexible delivery of back-end data to any consuming or producing client application, although it is predominantly used to deliver data to a single-page application (SPA) such as React.js or Vue.js. […]

In today’s business world, every company can be considered a technology business. Every aspect of business — from back-office, manufacturing and customer engagement to marketing and sales — is driven by technology; which, properly utilized, provides significant business differentiation. The dynamics of the technology evolution — in all aspects of business — drives the need for an organization to have a sound strategy, one that is Agile across all levels. Having a sound technology strategy today that complements your business strategy is more important than ever. Below are five reasons it is critical for every organization to develop and implement […]

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So you’re thinking about moving your applications and servers into AWS? The potential upside is significant: No more managing and refreshing hardware. No more worrying about networking equipment and setup, or database backups. The list of aggravations you can eliminate is long. However, it’s not a Happily Ever After panacea. You’ll still have to manage your AWS infrastructure to ensure that you are secure, scalable and stable. That said, here’s what you’ll need to do to make that happen. Consolidated Logging This is both a security best-practice and an operational necessity. From a security perspective, it’s imperative you keep people […]

Try Googling the phrase “Is cloud computing”. When I did that, the top 10 choices in the drop-down were, in order: Secure, Safe, Capitalized, The Future, Free, Worth It, Cheaper, Expensive, Faster, Cost Effective. The answer to every one of those questions is Yes. And No. The first question you should really ask is: Are my business needs and applications even suited for cloud migration? The answer starts with an in-depth analysis of your business strategy, your technology strategy, and your applications. So let’s assume your answer to the question is Yes. Many enterprise-level IT architectures consist of a number […]

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Remember the late-90s Internet bubble — when billions of dollars were collectively sunk into a black hole chasing the business promise perhaps best summed-up in Field Of Dreams (“If you build it, they will come”)? I think we’re rapidly approaching that point in the DevOps movement, given its clichéd overuse by countless trendy hacks who — like their late-90s Internet predecessors — have no real idea how it’s actually used to generate long-term business profitability. So what is DevOps, and where did it come from While a number of sources tie the term’s origin to a presentation at the 2008 […]

For decades, the Software Architect was considered something of a technical god among mere mortals. They envisioned grand structures of code, designed edifices to geekdom — then imposed their constructs upon Software Engineers. Once their virtual monuments were complete, Systems Engineers would then have them dropped on their heads, often with little warning. Those days are gone. The first rumblings from within Mount Olympus were heard with the advent of microservices. The roaring Cloud, and especially serverless computing, has blown the top off altogether. Why has the Software Architect been brought so low? Offhand, five reasons come to mind. 1. […]

Continuous Deployment (CD) is the practice of building, packaging, and deploying to a piece of code — or a system — every time a change is made to that code or system. It’s kind of the ultimate in agile development, with near real-time release of new software. AWS Lambda functions are small and (from a software coupling perspective) independent pieces of code used to construct a serverless system. Because of their small, decoupled nature — and because they normally have limited, well-defined contracts — they inherently lend themselves to CD. One of the challenges to using CD with Lambda functions […]

“Lambda Lambda Lambda!” It’s not just the nerd-movie fraternity any more. Imagine your CTO walks into your office with grand plans for a new serverless architecture in AWS. If it hasn’t already happened, it probably will soon. Being an Alpha Beta CEO, you might be tempted to dismiss his vision as the ramblings of a nerd (a term I use with pride, as one myself). Seriously, you think: Servers, serverless — who cares? You’ve got a business to run, a universe to conquer. BUT YOU SHOULD CARE. What’s more, you should listen to your CTO, because he’s offering you the […]