Five Reasons Why Your Business Needs An Agile Strategy

Having a sound technology strategy today that compliments your business strategy is more important than ever. Below are five reasons it is critical for every organization to develop and implement an agile strategy.

Managing an Amazon Web Services infrastructure

Thinking about moving your applications and servers into AWS? The potential upside is significant, but does your team have the skills to truly leverage your investment?

5 Steps to a successful Cloud Adoption Strategy

Try Googling the phrase “Is cloud computing”.When I did that, the top 10 choices in the drop-down were, in order: Secure, Safe, Capitalized, The Future, Free, Worth It, Cheaper, Expensive, Faster, Cost Effective. The answer to every one of those questions is Yes. And No.

5 Reasons The Software Architect’s Star Has Fallen

5 Reasons The Software Architect’s Star Has Fallen Joseph Wortmann For decades, the Software Architect was considered something of a technical god among mere mortals.

5 Key Benefits Of True DevOps

Remember the late-90s Internet bubble — when billions of dollars were collectively sunk into a black hole chasing the business promise perhaps best summed-up in Field Of Dreams (“If you build it, they will come”)?

Continuous Deployment and Lambdas

Continuous Deployment and Lambda Joseph Wortmann Continuous Deployment (CD) is the practice of building, packaging, and deploying to a piece of code — or a system — every time a change is made to that code or system.

Five reasons why software businesses should be serverless

“Lambda Lambda Lambda!” It’s not just the nerd-movie fraternity any more. Imagine your CTO walks into your office with grand plans for a new serverless architecture in AWS.