Services – What We Do

We’re an Integrated Technology Company. We offer comprehensive solutions for suppporting and enhancing your business — by integrating into your team, and helping you expand both your technology service offerings and your operations to ensure success.


There are five key elements to our strategic planning support: 1) Understanding your business strategy and vision. 2) Aligning your go-to-market strategy with your business goals and objectives. 3) Building an agile technology strategy that complements your go-to-market stragetgy, taking into consideration both internal and external influencers. 4) Laying the groundwork for a corporate culture that inspires and pursues innovation as part of the technology strategy. 5) Thinking ahead outwardly, to protect and expand your business.


DevOps is an approach we’ve practiced throughout our careers — even before the term became popular. Through DevOps, it’s our goal to ensure that your teams are prepared to adapt rapidly to changes in technology strategy — ensuring faster Speed To Market, and positioning you to be a market leader. True DevOps starts with clearly defined goals; goals we’ll help you define during Strategic Planning.

Moreover, by introducing proven standardized processes, methodologies and automation, we’ll help you avoid the risk of errors and delays in product development. With improved user experience, faster time-to-market and agile project delivery, enterprises are better able to respond to market demands and achieve business goals. All of which ultimately impacts your organization’s profitability.

Management of Outsourced Development

Most outsourced development fails due to mismanagement, communication breakdowns, cultural differences, and incomplete expectations and scope documentation. Since most of these projects are done on a T&M basis, it only benefits the contractors — not the clients. We have direct access to developers we know and trust; professionals with whom we’ve established proven procedures for accurate communication at all times. With every outsourcing assignment, we dedicate a long-experienced team member to oversee and manage all development.

Our approach of fixed pricing for firm scope ensures mutual success — as we have mutually beneficial objectives and understandings. It also enables your business to conduct a reliable cost justification on every project before signing-off.

Key Technology Staff Augmentation

We can provide high level staff augmentation to ensure your success — either on a project-related basis, or for ongoing initiatives. We serve on numerous corporate boards, and offer a broad range of services — including Chief Strategy Officer, Chief Technology Officer, Chief Solution Architect, Chief Information Security Officer and Chief Information Officer.

In times of high demand, we can provide critical project-based services of highly skilled personnel to complement your team — from DevOps engineers and QA Developers of automated test scripts to Solution Architects and engineering management.

Managed Services

While the potential upside of cloud architecture is significant, you still have to manage your infrastructure to ensure that you are secure and stable. We offer the managed services support needed to help you reach this goal, using Best Practices. Starting with consolidated logging, carefully defining user access and auditing access, we’ll build a foundation that ensures security. Our Managed Services team will monitor your systems and solutions — ensuring that they’re performing as required, and meet the required level of uptime and service support.

In short, through our team of experts we’ll provide you with a managed services solution that meets today’s high security demands at an affordable cost.